Pune Municipal Corporation

Pilot Project Report Submitted :

Tech-supported Community Based Tree Mapping of Pune


As per the order of Hon High Court of Bombay dated 21 march 2013, , in a PIL ( PIL93/2009) a panel of three members has been appointed to conduct a pilot of tree census and put forward a scheme based on the pilot for the consideration of the Hon Court for further directions. Of the three members two are experts ( Mr Sunil Limaye , Director SGNP and CCF and Prof Jitendra Shah from GISE Lab, IIT Mumbai) and the third member is Mr Rajendra Jagtap ( undersigned) .


The mandate to the committee is to conduct a pilot for Pune Tree Census and system of Regulation of tree felling as an example that can then be easily replicated by other cities. This has to be cost effective technology with community participation to create a sense of ownership for the trees in the city and deepen the environmental understanding among the students.


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website for development of android app :www.github.com/pune-lug/treecensus

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