Ongoing Projects

Multi-modal Public Transit System  Traffic Archive Data Management Evacuation planning
Mmpts project  traffic Evacuation planning

This project considers different aspects of route information and trip planning. 

The objective of this thesis is to implement a traffic archive data management system 

This tool for evacuation planning will help you to organize your emergency  action plan to

evacuate your building given the topology

of the building and approximate occupancy

of the building.


Tree Census Pune Drinking Water Project Ganga Basin Mgmt
Tree Census Pune Drinkingwaterproj ganga basin

The goal of this project is to identify causes

and solution for drinking water problem in

Thne district.

This project is being done jointly by seven IITs.

GIS Framework IIT Campus GIS
iit campus  IIT Campus project

This GIS framework is a software framework that is designed to access , store , manage , edit, process , query the geographical features and visualize it on map with a layer hierarchy and get the schema the geospatial data and support the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services. 

This Project is Small Demonstration of

showing Multiple Data Layers  of IIT Bombay

over Web using WMS Services.

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